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Along Those Lines: The Rise of Female Lineworkers

In partnership with the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, the latest episode of Along Those Lines takes you behind the scenes with a woman who’s making her way in a male-dominated industry.

Kaitlyn Vaillancourt, 21, is an apprentice lineworker at Pedernales Electric Cooperative—the only woman among the co-op’s 200 lineworkers.

NRECA writer Victoria Rocha recently traveled to Texas for a profile on Kaitlyn Vaillancourt, and she joins RE Magazine Editor Scot Hoffman for this episode to tell Vaillancourt’s story. You’ll hear from Vaillancourt as well as Pedernales CEO Julie Parsley, the co-op’s first female CEO.

Learn more about both amazing women and listen to the NRECA interview below or on