Energy Savings

Back to school energy savings

Tips to ace your energy bills

As kids across Central Texas go back to school and start after-school activities, parents have a chance to cash in on a busload of energy savings. Follow the simple tips below to help lower your energy use.

Lessons with lights

Teach kids to turn out the lights whenever they leave a room. Incentivize young kids with stickers and use your electric bill to show teens and older children how simple habits can make a difference.

Be cool

After kids’ sporting practice, encourage cooler, shorter showers. Hot water heaters can account for 20% of your energy costs. Also teach your children not to let hot water run while brushing teeth, doing dishes, etc.

Thermostat teachings

Between the school day and activities after school, your family’s time at home is likely to be limited. Before heading out for the day, make sure to raise your thermostat 3-5 degrees. For times when you are home, keep the temperature at 78 degrees.

Know your friends

Don’t let energy vampires raise your bill. Have teens unplug nonessential devices before leaving home including TVs, stereo equipment, chargers, video game consoles, and computers. If you prefer not to unplug these items, use a smart power strip to limit the amount of energy drained from these electronics.

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