Energy Savings

5 easy energy-saving resolutions for the new year

Make these changes today and enjoy future savings

Start the new year with five easy energy-saving resolutions from PEC Senior Energy Service Advisor Chris Denison. These simple changes could help you save in the year to come.

  • Unplug phone chargers from the wall when not in use. Chargers draw power even if your phone isn’t connected, which can affect your bill.
  • Use SmartHub to track your energy use. This can help you find opportunities for savings, and identify if you’ve left a heater or other unnecessary devices on.
  • Check your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit’s performance with an inexpensive digital probe thermometer. If it’s not operating correctly, schedule a tuneup to increase your efficiency.
  • Install a timer on your water heater so it doesn’t run when not in use. This can save the average family home about $10 a month, Denison says. Find full tips here.
  • Set a new habit: Turn off ceiling fans when you leave the room, as well as lights. “The same principle applies in the winter as it does in the summer,” Denison says. “It’s detrimental to leave a fan running and moving the cold (or hot) air off windows to the thermostat. This will keep your HVAC unit running longer. Just turn off fans when you turn off the light.”

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