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Good Samaritans in hard hats save the day

PEC employees help stranded driver

On Sept. 26, PEC Journeyworker Jeff Reyes and Lineworker Apprentice Dakota Smith started their work day like any other, but finished it with good karma to spare.

After completing a job on SH 71, they noticed a driver pulled over with a flat tire. Despite already being on the way to another work site, Reyes and Smith turned around to check on the driver. In their PEC utility truck, they pulled up behind the stranded car and turned on the hazard lights to keep everyone safe.

Good Samaritans in hard hats save the day “We walked up, introduced ourselves to the driver and asked if she needed help,” Smith said. “She told us roadside assistance was on the way, but also mentioned she had a meeting to attend soon.”

That’s all it took for Smith and Reyes to spring into action. Using their radios, they called their team at the other job site to let them know they were helping someone in need and would join the crew as soon as they finished changing a tire. As they were putting on the spare, they noticed it too was low on air. Luckily, PEC trucks come with built-in air compressors; Smith and Reyes removed the flat tire, placed the spare on her car, and filled it with air. Together, they were able to get the driver back on the road quickly and safely.

“The driver was so grateful and couldn’t believe [a PEC crew] took the time to lend a hand. But the way I see it – we’re here to keep people safe, keep ourselves safe, and be reliable to the community we serve,” Reyes said.

The driver was so grateful she shared her experience on social media – thanking Smith, Reyes, and PEC.