Energy Savings

Energy updates for your garage

Simple tips to improve your space

From parking your car and practical storage space, to work sheds and game rooms – there are endless options for using your garage. Regardless of how you use it, PEC’s Senior Energy Service Advisor Chris Denison has these tips for a cooler, more comfortable space.

Keep garage doors open while working 

As long as your garage door doesn’t face west, keep the door open when you’re working inside. You can also use fans to stay cool while spending time in your garage. When you’re ready to retreat to your air-conditioned home, remember to turn off all fans and close the doors to your garage. You can also add an automatic garage door closer with a timer — this will allow you to choose how long you want your garage door to stay open.

Replace old windows 

Adding new ENERGY STAR® certified windows could save you up to $465 a year. If you have large windows, use window treatments to cover them if it’s hot and sunny. Additionally, exterior window treatments such as exterior shutters, shades and awnings over your windows can help reduce heat gain in the summer.

Check for insulation 

Insulation can help lower your energy bills, control sound, improve energy efficiency, and reduce moisture in your garage. Most garages are already equipped with proper insulation; usually the same insulation in the walls of your home. If your garage is not insulated, experts recommend installing insulation in the walls and attic space above your garage. Spray foam is more expensive, but it is the most energy-efficient choice.

Energy-efficient garage lighting 

Lighting makes up almost 12% of the average U.S. home electric bill. Conserve and save by replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. For convenience and additional savings, try installing timers and sensors to your lights.