Energy Savings

School’s out! Teach kids to conserve energy

Six tips for summer savings

With summer break in full swing, kids are likely spending more time at home, which makes for a great time to teach them about energy conservation. Before summer is over, make sure kids master these six easy, energy-saving tips.

  1. Close doors and keep them closed

Kids can easily forget to close doors or don’t close them properly. Explain how leaving doors open lets conditioned air out of the house and wastes energy.

  1. Read or write rather than watch TV

Encourage kids to read as much as possible during summer break. If they’re into art or writing, help them tap into their creativity and explain how these activities can help develop their talents. Visit your local library and sign up for a summer reading program. Be sure to let kids choose books that interest them, so they’re more likely to read them.

  1. Take shorter, cooler showers

It can be hard for kids to understand the connection between taking a shower and your electric bill. Explain that it takes a lot of energy to warm up water for their shower; if they leave it running, it’s wasting energy. Set a timer and encourage them to finish up before the timer goes off.

  1. Think first, then open the fridge

Help kids think about what they want to eat or drink before they reach for the fridge. Not only will this help speed up the process of picking out a snack, it will help save energy, too.

  1. Turn off lights and electronics

Encourage little ones to turn off the lights when they leave a room. Teach older kids to turn off lights and also to unplug electronics when they’re not using them. It’s important for kids to understand the meaning behind the action, so explain that it adds to the electric bill when they leave the lights and electronics on.

  1. Use natural light

Show kids the power of sunlight. Teach them to use natural light whenever possible by opening shades during the daytime. Even if kids are too young to open window treatments, they learn by example and will follow your lead.

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