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PEC celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

Cooperative receives recognition from Department of Labor

Being a lineworker is a demanding profession, and becoming a journeyworker requires great dedication. That’s why PEC is committed to building the best lineworkers, and doing so means investing in a strong apprenticeship program.

To affirm our commitment to the electrical industry, PEC has signed the National Apprenticeship Week proclamation and received formal recognition from the U.S. Department of Labor.

“Apprenticeships are one of the fundamental building blocks of a strong cooperative, and we’re thrilled to be recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor for our commitment to our apprentices,” PEC Safety and Technical Training Analyst Lynn Rutledge said.

Our industry-recognized 8,000-hour Lineworker Apprenticeship Program offers some of the best training a lineworker can get. PEC apprentices get paid to work on a crew, and earn on-the-job experience while working toward the Department of Labor Journeyworker certification. We also provide cross-training opportunities that turn apprentices into well-rounded lineworkers – and that training produces results. Year after year, PEC apprentices have had amazing performances at the Texas and International rodeo competitions.

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