PEC awards $25K in grants to local nonprofits

Grants help fund projects that improve community services

The Hill Country isn’t just our service area, it’s our community and our home. That’s why we work to strengthen it by awarding community grants twice each year to qualifying nonprofit organizations. Applicants go through a competitive process and funding comes from members’ contributions to our Power of Change program as well as the cooperative’s support.

For this round, five recipients were selected from a diverse pool of applicants. Each will receive a $5,000 grant to help make our communities better places to live.

Community Resource Centers of Texas (Blanco County)

Community Resource Centers of Texas (CRCTX) provide one-stop shops in rural communities for health and social services agencies. CRCTX are currently building their fourth resource center, which will provide free office space for organizations that are critical to breaking the cycles of poverty in Blanco County. The group will use its PEC Community Grant to fund technology for meeting and conference rooms, and will equip the center as a backup location for emergency operations.

Friends of Blanco State Park

Blanco State Park is a local resource treasured for its natural beauty. It features excellent swimming and camping in a unique location in the city of Blanco. Friends of Blanco State Park is a nonprofit organization committed to the preservation and enhancement of the park, as well as promoting an appreciation of nature in the local community. They will use the grant money to restore picnic areas destroyed in the devastating Memorial Day floods of 2015.

Friends of Blue Hole

The locally famous Blue Hole Regional Park is well known for its beautiful forested swimming area and features hiking trails, basketball courts, and picnic areas. Friends of Blue Hole is a nonprofit that works to promote, protect, preserve, and develop the park by actively supporting construction, environmental restoration, and educational programs. The park is also home to one of the only public playscapes in Wimberley. Grant funds will also be used to construct a shade canopy.

Marble Falls Area Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Established in 1976 by a dedicated group of volunteers, Marble Falls Area EMS has grown to include career employees who provide emergency medical services to one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. They will be using their $5,000 grant to purchase an ultrasound machine for emergency services. This technology will allow EMS workers to more accurately diagnose people in the field and provide the appropriate care for their diagnosis.

Wild Things Rescue Ranch

Based just outside of PEC’s hometown of Johnson City, Wild Things Rescue Ranch is a Purple Heart recipient, family-owned nonprofit that rehabilitates hundreds of wild animals each year. Wild Things will use its $5,000 PEC Community Grant to help build a dedicated space that will include a sink, food prep space, and laundry station necessary to care for the type and volume of animals they are helping. The project will be completed with energy efficiency and environmental impact in mind.

About PEC’s Power of Change program

PEC Community Grants are funded in part by our members through the Power of Change program. Participants’ electric bills are rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the funds are used to supplement PEC Community Grants and educational contributions. Members may enroll through SmartHub, by phone, on their payment slip, or by visiting a PEC district office near them.