PEC employees volunteer to help clean up LBJ National Historical Park

Volunteers help remove invasive species in restoration of Settlement Trail

Several PEC employees joined the Friends of Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park for a volunteer opportunity in Johnson City on Earth Day.

The Settlement Trail, located just blocks from the PEC Headquarters in Johnson City, helps preserve the first buildings built by Lyndon Johnson’s grandfather and great-uncle in the 1860s. The restoration of the trail seeks to provide visitors with an experience as authentic to the time period as possible, right down to the plants that grow there.

However, Chinese tallow and Japanese honeysuckle have taken root in the years since the Settlement was formed, and PEC volunteers spent their time removing these invasive species from riparian zones (the area where the creek meets the land).

“It was great to get out on Earth Day and make a small difference in our local community,” PEC Informational Writer Kyle Funk said. “I am grateful to have this park so close to work — and home — so I was eager to get my hands dirty and help out.”

PEC encourages its employees to volunteer and often organizes opportunities to do so. This is the third volunteer event organized by PEC that employees have participated in this year.