PEC’s love for its members

Thinking of our members this Valentine's Day and beyond

a row of hand drawn hearts
In everything we do, PEC employees always keep our members in mind. That’s why we go above and beyond to care for you through acts of service large and small. Because when you’re top of our minds, you’re in our hearts.

Illustration of Brian Rivas
Brian Rivas
Journeyworker, Kyle

“On Thanksgiving Day, I was called to assist a member with partial power on his property and discovered the issue was a piece of his equipment (not PEC’s). Given the unfortunate timing of it being Thanksgiving, I told him we would do whatever we could to help him. I provided him with the supplies he needed from my truck, and personally called every electrician I knew in the area until one got him reconnected that day. He repeatedly thanked us for our service.”

Illustration of Annabel Nelson
Annabel Nelson
Distribution Planner, Marble Falls

“During the floods this past fall, I called to check up on a couple I’ve worked with over the years who lived in the flood zone. About a week later, I received a bouquet of flowers with a sweet note from them thanking me for my concern. I am so blessed to live in a community where our care and concern for each other goes beyond delivering service to our membership.”

Illustration of Lee Dixson
Lee Dixson
Social Media Specialist, Johnson City

“One Friday night while I was monitoring a late autumn storm, I received an urgent note from a member indicating her elderly mother’s oxygen tank was not functioning due to a power outage at her location. Realizing it was critical to get her power restored quickly, I was able to convey the urgency to our member relations team. Within 15 minutes, her service was restored — getting her mom the oxygen she so desperately needed.”

Illustration of Erica Clark
Erica Clark
Member Relations Agent, Junction

“A member called in a crisis: her power was disconnected and she couldn’t pay until her husband’s paycheck came in the following Friday. I worked with my supervisor to create a payment arrangement and restore her power. She thanked me and cried; I advised that we do all we can to help our members.”