Safety & Security

Scam alert!

PEC members report sophisticated scammer

This morning, several PEC members reported receiving calls from someone claiming to work for PEC and threatening to disconnect service without immediate payment.

The scammer was able to mimic our 888 phone number, so the call appeared to come from the main PEC line. The scammer then asked members to call a different number, which answered with a recording of our online payment system automation information. Members noted the recording wasn’t a clear recording. Once connected, there were four options to select; however, only option 2 worked — all other options responded with an invalid entry. This entry connected the caller to an actual person to make a payment.

PEC immediately reported the scam to the Utilities United Against Scams, and the number is now shut down. Currently, we do not have any reports of victims with this scam.

If you are contacted by someone claiming to be a PEC employee, verify the call by hanging up and contacting us toll-free at 888-554-4732. For more information about what PEC does and does not do, please visit