Energy Savings

Shop ENERGY STAR® on Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Stock up on savings

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, some retailers are boasting amazing deals and low prices on electronics and appliances. If you’re looking for money savings that will last well into the new year, we recommend you choose ENERGY STAR® items. These products can use up to 40% less energy than other models, and could save you on future energy bills.

Look for the ENERGY STAR label on electronics and see how you could maximize your savings:

  • ENERGY STAR certified TVs are about 25% more energy efficient than other models.
  • Popular certified items include washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, TVs, battery chargers, water heaters, ceiling fans, light bulbs, light fixtures, decorative lights, and more.
  • Many appliances last 10 or more years, so be sure you’re getting the item with the most energy savings for the future.
  • Along with the ENERGY STAR label, look for a yellowenergy guide label. Manufacturers are required to place this on appliances to give shoppers an estimate of the yearly cost of using the item. Learn more about this label from the U.S. Department of Energy.

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