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Take control with SmartHub

Our free app puts the power in your hands

Want to see how much power your home uses when everyone’s left for work? How about comparing your summer and winter electric use, or getting an alert when you’ve used too much power in one day?

Available for your phone or tablet, or through our web portal, our free SmartHub app gives you access to all the information you need about your electric use.

Monitor your energy use

Analyze trends to see how you can save money on your energy bills, view average use for a particular time period, add markers to see how much new appliances are using, and more.

Pay bills

Pay your energy bill on the go. Plus, SmartHub allows you to set up advance or recurring, automatic payments, giving you one fewer thing to think about each month.

Report outages

Report power outages quickly and easily from SmartHub, so we can get you back up and running that much faster.

Manage notifications

Receive a message when you have an upcoming bill or when you’ve used a certain amount of energy: Our system lets you choose how and when you hear from us. This function is only available through the web portal.

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