Energy Savings

Could you benefit from a Time-of-Use Rate plan?

Take control of your energy costs and save

We’re PEC Proud to provide you a variety of rate options.

The majority of members pay our standard, residential rate — a flat rate for power no matter the time of day or month. But if you’re looking to save extra money and take control of your energy use, you might consider switching to our Time-of-Use Rate.

To get the most out of our Time-of-Use Rate, you will need to shift your energy use from periods of high energy demand to periods of low energy demand. You could see significant savings by using less electricity during peak times (between 3 and 7 p.m.) and moving the majority of your energy use to off-peak times (before 3 and after 7 p.m.). That’s because on a Time-of-Use Rate plan, the cost of electricity depends not only on how much energy you use but also when you use it — the time of day and season.

Members on this option have the potential to receive rates lower than the flat rate when it is used as intended. Please note: using energy during peak times on this plan will cost you more than our flat rate.

Time of use rates

See if you could benefit from switching to our Time-of-Use Rate, and follow these tips to see the most savings on this rate option.

  • Hit the off switch and unplug

Turn off any appliances, lights, and electronics when you’re not using them, especially during peak times from 3 and 7 p.m. This is a good tip for saving energy and money regardless of your rate plan. Remember to keep nonessential appliances unplugged for added savings and only use them during non-peak times.

  • Keep your home cool during non-peak (economy) times

Use non-peak times to cool your home. Then, raise the temperature to at least 78 degrees during peak times.

  • Prepare for chores in advance, then tackle them at night

Cook your meals, do laundry, wash dishes, and vacuum outside of peak hours for the best savings during super-economy. You can also use the overnight setting on your appliances to let them do the work while you sleep.

Learn more about our Time-of-Use Rate option.