Results of 2020 board elections released

Members reelect Pataki, elect Ekrut and Cox

Results of the 2020 PEC Board of Directors election are in. PEC members in districts 2, 3, and 4 reelected Emily Pataki, and elected Mark Ekrut and Travis Cox to serve on the cooperative’s board of directors. PEC received the election results from Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), a third-party administrator who handles the election ballots.

Emily Pataki
District 2 Director

Mark Ekrut
District 3 Director

Travis Cox
District 4 Director

District 2 reelected Pataki to continue representing them, Ekrut will represent district 3, and Cox will represent district 4. Pataki has served the cooperative since 2014. Pataki and Ekrut will serve a three-year term, and because the district 4 election was held to fill a vacancy, Cox will serve two years.

There was a total of 17,570 votes cast across all districts according to the results from SBS. Additionally, members could voluntarily sign up for the Power of Change on this year’s ballot.

To meet safety and health concerns, the 2020 PEC Annual Meeting is closed to member and public attendance, and will be held June 19 immediately before the June board of directors’ meeting. Members are encouraged to check to watch a video recording of the annual meeting which will be posted online once available.