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Understanding your bill: Delivery Charge

Learn more about the line items on your bill

You know you pay for the energy you use, but what are all those other items on your bill? Our understanding your bill series helps break it down.

Bill sample highlighting the Delivery Charge line item.
Bill sample highlighting the Delivery Charge.

Delivery Charge

This line item recovers the cost of delivering electricity to your home, and the charge varies depending on the rate class you belong to. It includes the costs associated with owning, operating, and maintaining our distribution infrastructure, such as land rights, station equipment, poles and fixtures, cost of labor, tree trimming, and more.

Unlike the service availability charge, which is a flat fee, the amount you pay for the Delivery Charge each month is dependent on the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) you use. You can find the per-kWh cost for this charge on your monthly bill.