Energy Savings

Is the sun draining your energy?

Survey your home to save energy and money

Don’t let the summer sun heat up your electric bill. Learn where and how your home is using energy so you can save. Here are the biggest energy users in your home:

  • Heating and cooling – 55%
  • Water heater — 20%
  • Refrigeration — 6%
  • Lighting — 5%

And now that you know what’s adding up on your energy bill, you can make slight changes to help save. Read our tips below to lock in savings.

 Keep your thermostat from sizzling

Cooling your home makes up more than half of your energy bill, but a programmable thermostat can help you save up to 10% monthly. During the hot summer months, set it at 78 degrees or higher. Cleaning and replacing your HVAC air filters regularly can also help you save up to 15%.

Cool down your water heater

Set your water heater temperature to 120-125 degrees. Install a timer that shuts off the unit during times you don’t need hot water. Insulate exposed water lines and install water-saving showerheads.

Freeze your refrigeration savings

Use 15% less energy by purchasing an EnergyStar® refrigerator. Keep your refrigerator set at a temperature between 35 and 38 degrees, and set your freezer to zero degrees.

Don’t get blinded by your lights

Replace incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs, especially where used for several hours per day. Install timers and sensors for indoor and outdoor lights, and remember to turn off unnecessary lighting when not in use.

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