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PEC partners with Hill Country Conservancy on Wimberley restoration project

Leaving it better than we found it

Nearly a decade ago, plans got underway to upgrade a PEC transmission line along Highway 32 in Wimberley. After years of thoughtful planning, construction began last August. As part of the upgrade, PEC rented five acres of property on a ranch in the area to store trucks and equipment during construction. Now that the project is complete and the lease is up, we’re partnering with the landowner and Hill Country Conservancy to reseed the property with grasses native to the region.

The landowner plans to work with Hill Country Conservancy to turn the property into a conservation easement. Conservation easements are used to conserve a property in its natural state while allowing landowners to retain many rights, including ownership of the property. PEC worked with the conservancy to identify and acquire the proper native seed mix for conservation easements in the area.

This restoration is just one small act that comes at no extra cost, but represents our broader commitment to being good stewards of the environment. Recently, we started reseeding PEC easements with food plots that will benefit animals and pollinating insects while also reducing the need to mow. And less mowing means we’re saving money while protecting wildlife!