Energy Savings

It’s time for Power Rush Hour!

Remember to shift and save from 2-7 p.m.

We all know how bad traffic can be, especially on weekdays: The road that’s perfectly clear in the morning becomes a parking lot in the afternoon. The same thing happens to our power system. For PEC, next year’s transmission costs are determined by how much energy our members actually use at peak times during the current summer.

Transmission costs are set by the Public Utility Commission of Texas, not PEC. These costs are based on the rates charged by the state’s transmission service providers for moving high voltage electricity from their power generation facilities to PEC’s distribution lines.

This means you can save money now — and later — by using less energy and shifting consumption this summer, especially between 2-7 p.m. Follow our simple tips, and you’ll save yourself and your fellow PEC members money.

  • Raise your thermostat setting a few degrees during peak hours, and close the shades to block some of the sun’s warmth.
  • Install a timer that turns your water heater off during hours you’re not likely to use hot water.
  • Run your washing machine and dryer in the morning or after 7 p.m. Washing in cold water and air-drying laundry can help, too.
  • Run your dishwasher outside of peak hours. Do full loads and turn off the heat dry feature.

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