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May days, not “Maydays”

Tips in honor of National Electrical Safety Month

At PEC, we take safety seriously and practice it in everything we do. In honor of National Electrical Safety Month, we’d like to share the following tips. Discuss these with your family to stay safe and always practice safety around electricity.

Inside your home:

  • Check electric cords frequently for fraying, cracking or discoloration, and replace any damaged cords. Never run cords under carpets or rugs, and don’t nail or staple them to walls or floors.
  • Check your outlets. Loose-fitting plugs can overheat and cause electrical fires. Check your appliances to ensure the plugs fit correctly in each outlet.
  • Check appliances to make sure they’re in good working condition. Unplug countertop appliances when not in use, and don’t keep cords or combustibles near the stove or heat.
  • Don’t cover fans or air vents on electronics. Keep the vents clean by dusting them regularly. Check items periodically for overheating and unplug them if necessary. Don’t overload plugs, and never use extension cords as a permanent solution.



  • Always call Texas811 before digging deeper than 16″ in your yard — it’s the law. They’ll mark underground utilities so you don’t dig into a buried electric line.
  • Our power lines carry a lot of electricity. Don’t trim trees near lines, and teach your children not to climb or play in them.
  • Always avoid downed power lines. If you encounter one, call our emergency line at 888-883-3379.
  • In your garage, make sure to keep power tools away from water, and check all cords, making sure they’re high and dry.
  • Keep electrical items and cords far away from water sources, including pools. If you can, use battery operated tools and never handle electrical devices when you are wet.

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