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Join the effort to help save monarchs!

Pick up a free pollinator seed packet at any PEC office

PEC wants to make it easy for you to join the effort to help save monarch butterflies. Visit any PEC office or partnering location to pick up a complimentary packet of pollinator seed mix, while supplies last. Each packet contains native wildflower seeds that are essential for butterfly survival. These seeds can be planted to help monarchs on their migration path through the Texas Hill Country.

Join the effort to help save monarchs!

“We’re proud to help protect our natural resources for future generations to enjoy,” PEC Chief Executive Officer Julie Caruthers Parsley said. “We encourage our members and communities to join us in preserving populations of monarchs that help pollinate and beautify this place we call home.”

Each year, millions of monarch butterflies migrate directly across PEC’s 8,100 square miles of service territory. But by 2021, monarchs may fall under the Endangered Species Act. In 2019, PEC proactively launched efforts to help protect monarchs and voluntarily implemented solutions to benefit the environment, wildlife, and members long-term. These efforts include building a certified monarch butterfly way station at PEC’s headquarters in Johnson City, and using a new seed mix along transmission easements that is cost effective and provides natural food for faunae. Learn more at

Seed packets are available at any PEC office, and the following partnering locations:

Parties interested in creating a monarch-friendly plot are encouraged to reach out to PEC experts at [email protected].