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PEC deploys its first battery storage system

Leading the industry with new technology

PEC recently energized a new battery storage system adjacent to its Johnson City substation, making it the first cooperative in Texas to utilize battery storage.

The installation consists of three separate containers — weighing over 75,000 pounds each — that house the battery modules and other electrical equipment. These batteries can be charged by PEC’s Johnson City solar installation, and hold a total of 2.25 megawatts of electricity for two hours. That’s enough to power about 200 homes during a hot summer day.

“Adding new technology to our system not only helps meet the energy demands of our membership, but also supports the statewide electric grid,” PEC Chief Executive Officer Julie C. Parsley said. “We’re proud to be a leader in this venture.”

The value of this system reaches far beyond its storage capacity. PEC Director of Energy Regulatory Affairs Christian Powell explained, “this emerging technology has many uses that aid in the management of the statewide electric grid, and this first installation will provide valuable experience for the PEC Team.”

Studying the results of this installation will help PEC determine the potential for additional battery installations. If successful, battery technology has the potential to deliver savings for our members as well as create a more reliable electric system.

Learn more about active projects on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality website.