PEC launches COVID-19 Relief Fund to support members in need through Nov. 1

Helping members in need

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed lives across the world, including many here at home in Central Texas. As some PEC members are experiencing the health and financial hardships of the virus, the cooperative is launching the PEC COVID-19 Relief Fund.

To help those affected, you can now donate to help your neighbors in need pay their electric bill. These funds will be distributed through PEC’s Member Assistance Program, to provide bill assistance to members impacted by COVID-19.

“At PEC, we strongly believe in the power of community and have seen our members embrace the cooperative spirit,” said CEO Julie Parsley. “Making a voluntary donation is one way you can help other PEC members impacted by this virus. Together we’ll make a difference.”

At its April meeting, the PEC Board of Directors announced steps to help members affected by COVID-19 — including temporarily suspending disconnects for non-payment, and waiving late fees, collection fees, same day service fees, and deposits for eligible members who qualify for financial assistance. Starting July 1, PEC will resume standard billing and collection operations, but members may continue to benefit from the COVID-19 relief fund through Nov. 1.

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