PEC lineworkers brighten the day for children in the community

Simple acts of kindness help lift spirits and inspire

PEC lineworkers recently helped create sweet memories for our youngest members. Their small gestures made a tremendous impact, bringing smiles to children in our service territory.

Gilbert Valdez’s Crew from Marble Falls

On Aug. 13, Gilbert Valdez’s crew was installing a new pole for Johnson City members, Kathy Phillips and Bill McDaniel. The couple reached out to PEC in advance to see if their grandson could see the crew in action.

Phillips said, “Our five-year-old grandson, Sid, is crazy for any large equipment on wheels, and we knew he would enjoy being able to watch. Sid was so excited. [PEC lineworkers] brought him a hard hat, a vest, and all the other safety equipment. He was thrilled! We just want to say thank you. It was such a fun day and one I am sure, he will never forget.”

Journeyworkers John Merick and Layo Zarita

One day, two PEC journeyworkers were replacing security lights at PEC Member Relations Field Technician Jesse Martinez’s church. Martinez shared the good deed he witnessed his fellow coworkers do.

“A couple of our linemen took time out from the work they were performing to let the little ones have a picture taken with the giant men who came to their church,” Martinez said. “They really look up to the linemen and their big bucket trucks. Kudos to Marble Falls Journeyworkers John Merick and Layo Zarita for serving our community well!”

At PEC, we strive to be there for our youth, giving back, and doing what we can to inspire future generations.