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Safety tips for fall planting

Trees and electricity are wonderful on their own, but together they can cause major safety problems. Follow our simple tips to keep you and your family safe, and help PEC continue to provide safe, reliable electricity.

Keep trees and landscaping clear of electrical hazards:

Never trim trees near power lines yourself. If a tree is growing close to a line, call PEC at 888-554-4732 and our experts will trim it for you free of charge.

Planting? Power lines and other utilities can be anywhere underground. Always call 811 before you dig — it’s the law and could save your life. Don’t plant trees or large shrubs directly under power lines, and be sure to consider the mature size of the tree species when selecting its location.

If you have underground electric service, do not plant shrubs or other vegetation close to pad- mounted transformers. These green power boxes require 10 feet of clearance in the front, and 5 feet on the sides.

Don’t let kids play on transformers, or climb trees near power lines. Doing so could cause electric shock and severe injury.

Using trees and landscaping to shade your HVAC and keep it cool can help it run more efficiently, but make sure to keep any debris and dead leaves clear of the unit, or it could create a fire hazard.

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