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Rates worth celebrating

See how PEC’s rates measure up

With a mission to provide safe, reliable power at a low cost, our goal is to ensure PEC members get the best value for their dollar. We can proudly say our rates are among the most competitive — not only in the state — but in the country! On average, our members pay about 14% less than other Texans. Take a look to see how we measure up.

Rate comparison

  • PEC average – $126.48
  • Texas average – $147.75
  • National average – $165.75
    (Updated July 2020, based on 1,250 kWh/month)

Our low rates mean our members pay $21 less each month than the Texas average, and at least $39 dollars less than the national average. That’s an annual savings of $255 and $471 respectively! When compared with surrounding utilities, PEC’s rates are also among the lowest.

Keeping our rates affordable is part of our commitment. By leveraging our economies of scale, we’ve been able to lower the cost of power even more. In June, the PEC Board of Directors passed a permanent rate decrease to our base power cost, providing each member a monthly savings of about $1.25 for every 1,250 kWh of use.

The effort to keep rates low is ongoing and a part of the PEC promise. We’ll never stop working to save money for our members while continuing to provide industry-leading service.

Originally published on Oct. 7, 2020. Updated on Oct. 23, 2020.