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Understanding your bill: Service Availability Charge

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You know you pay for the energy you use, but what are all those other items on your bill? Our understanding your bill series helps break it down.

Bill sample highlighting the Service Availability Charge line item.
Bill sample highlighting the Service Availability Charge, showing the discounted price with paperless billing and automatic bank draft enrollment.

Service Availability Charge

The Service Availability Charge recovers the cost of providing services like billing, metering, collections, customer service, and other enterprise costs. Those include installing, operating, and maintaining the distribution lines, transformers, substations, and meters that make up the distribution grid connected to your location.

The standard Service Availability Charge is $22.50 per month, but you can save up to $2.50 per month when you switch to paperless billing and automatic bank draft. The discount is a direct pass-through of the costs you save the cooperative by enrolling in these programs. Make the switch on SmartHub or by calling PEC Member Services at 888-554-4732 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.