Energy Savings

Stay toasty and save this winter!

Energy-saving tips from PEC experts

When the weather outside is frightful, keep your electric bill delightful. From layering your clothing, to opening your shades when it’s sunny outside — our PEC energy services advisors are sharing their best tips to save energy and money on cold winter days. Take notes to stay warm and save all winter long.

Bundle up

When temperatures cool down, instead of reaching for the thermostat, reach for an electric blanket. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, electric blankets can be even more cost- effective than space heaters. If you don’t have an electric blanket, snuggle up with a cozy blanket.

Seal in the heat

Trap in warm air. Make sure all of your windows and doors are sealed tightly to limit outside cold air from entering your home. Weatherstripping and caulking can help lock in heat and prevent wasted energy. You can easily apply these in any areas where air can get in.

Lower your thermostat

While you’re sleeping or are out
of the house for a long period of time, lower your thermostat 3-5 degrees. This small habit can help earn you some savings over the course of the season.

Pay attention to details

Little things like opening your drapes and shades on sunny days can help warm your home. Keeping all your air vents open and opening the doors to the rooms inside your home can help improve airflow throughout your home and help you save energy.