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Summer safety activities for kids

Access our kid-friendly word find, coloring sheets, and more!

With school out for summer, now is the perfect time to introduce young kids to electrical safety. The following three electrical safety tips are important to understand. Read and discuss them with kids and then complete our additional safety activities below.

Always ask an adult for help plugging in and unplugging electronics.

Never pull on electrical cords, and if you see a frayed or damaged cord, tell an adult right away!

Water and electricity don’t mix! Using electronics near water is very dangerous and could cause an electrical shock. Keep electronics far away from pools, sprinklers, and other sources of water.

Never play on or near pad-mounted transformers. These big green boxes carry high-voltage electricity and have warning stickers on the box.

Looking for more fun activities? Download our booklet with activities intended for kids ages 5-8 years old.

  • Parents, download and complete our electrical-safety word search.
  • Together with kids, discuss the definitions of each word on our word search using this vocabulary sheet.
  • Complete our energy adventure to learn more about energy in and around your home.
  • Finally, parents can download our safety coloring sheet and print it off for kids complete.

Still curious about electrical safety? Email kids’ questions to our youth engagement coordinator at [email protected]. We’ll select our top three questions for our expert to answer in an upcoming video.