Energy Savings

Unwrap monster savings!

Try these tricks and treat yourself to lower bills

Many items like TVs and gaming consoles, small kitchen appliances, and other electronics use power even when they’re turned off. We call these energy vampires. Use power strips and unplug these devices to prevent spooky energy bills. Also, never invite an energy vampire into your home.

Gaming goblins

Leaving your video game console on “standby mode” can attract goblins that are eager to feed off your power. Stop these silent gamers by powering down your console the next time you finish playing and take your savings to the next level.

Phantom fans

Did a ghost walk by or was that a fan left on in an empty room? Or perhaps it was a draft from your unsealed window? Seal any air leaks to prevent energy loss in your home, and turn off fans when they’re not in use.

Monster rocking zombies

Don’t let these heavy metal rockers lay a hand on your electric instruments, amps, and other equipment such as chargers and laptops. Keep these items unplugged when you aren’t using them, and play acoustic when you can.

Werewolf wattage

Inefficient appliances are sure to run up your electric bill. Instead of howling when you get next month’s bill, upgrade your appliances and electronics to more efficient ones. Look for the EnergyStar® logo, as these have a more efficient standby mode and use less energy. Monitor your use by logging into PEC’s SmartHub regularly.

Did you know?

Energy vampires can increase your monthly electric bill as much as 10%, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

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