Ready to meet your needs — rain, shine, or pandemic

An update on PEC’s COVID-19 response

When the novel coronavirus pandemic hit Central Texas, we knew we had to keep members and employees safe while continuing to provide reliable electric service. In March, we activated our emergency operations plan, which included closing lobbies and drive-thru lanes, and adjusting employees’ schedules and reporting protocols to reduce in-person interactions, all while managing record growth.

“As critical infrastructure, we had two key issues — determining how to keep employees and members safe, while keeping PEC fully operational,” PEC Chief Operations Officer Eddie Dauterive said. “Our plans helped us be rigorous with our social distancing protocols while allowing all business units to remain operational. We never stopped working.”

In fact, crews responded to more than 630 work orders each week — resulting in record net meter growth for March and April. Our agents continued to answer calls and help resolve member issues, while maintaining standard operations. And we powered through spring storms because we know you’re counting on us.

The impact of the coronavirus has been different for everyone. So to provide electric bill assistance to members experiencing financial hardship, we launched PEC’s COVID-19
Relief Fund. We also suspended service disconnections for more than three months, and supported small businesses by providing economic funds for their utility bills to further aid our rural economies.

No one knows what future months will bring, but one thing remains certain — you can count on us. We will continue to adapt and power through, so that we can be here for you and our communities. Thank you for trusting in us.

“Thank you” from one essential provider to another

It has never been more pressing to ensure reliable electric service for our members than at this moment. While we continue our essential work, we’re reminded of the importance of powering those we depend on, too.

Commercial member, Baylor Scott & White Health said, “With many uncertainties surrounding every aspect of life these days, we appreciate the ongoing service [from PEC] so we can continue to power life-saving technology. We are reminded more than ever of how connected we are to our communities and to each other. Each passing day proves that we are in it together, and we are stronger together.”

PEC proudly serves 127 medical facilities and 62 major grocers in our service area, and will continue to power through to serve our members’ needs.

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