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Utility pricing in the news

See how utilities are addressing their winter storm costs

CPS Energy customers could see rate increase of up to $15 per month — San Antonio Express-News Georgetown to issue…

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Top-notch training at home

PEC’s Safety and Technical Training Center celebrates one year

The training center, developed in partnership with the Northwest Lineman College, exposes lineworkers to real-world situations in the classroom to…

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Test your HVAC in three easy steps

Is your system operating efficiently? Find out and take charge of your electric bills.

“When we’re evaluating the energy efficiency of a home or business,” said PEC Senior Energy Service Advisor Chris Denison, “we…

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Back to school

Lessons in energy savings for kids

Leaving home? Raise your thermostat and unplug electronics. Between the school day and after-school activities, your family’s time at home…

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Tell scammers to scram

If you can spot scams, you can stop scams

If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from PEC threatening to shut off your power if they don’t…

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