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PEC to begin rollout of advanced metering infrastructure

New meter system targeted for completion in 2023

A major project is underway to upgrade meters for most PEC members. The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) will greatly improve PEC’s operations as well as the member experience. The cooperative plans to have new meters installed across most of the service territory within a couple of years. The Junction area is currently not included in this rollout.

“The new meters will provide PEC a wealth of information, especially during outages,” said Brian Gedrich, vice president of engineering. “These meters will actually contact our control center if they go offline, enabling us to better identify problems so we can restore service quicker.”

Transitioning to the AMI meters began in November, and include the infrastructure installations with pole-mounted antennas and a data collector unit (DCU). Several meters in the Marble Falls area have already been installed and taken live with new software. This initial rollout was small, allowing the AMI team to test the system in a live environment before the mass installations begin.

“We are looking forward to completing the meter upgrades that will enhance service for our members,” AMI Supervisor Martin Sauceda said. “Exchanging a few hundred thousand meters is a huge task, but I know our teams are up for the challenge.”

The AMI meters transmit at a similar frequency as FM radio stations, airborne TV signals, and older cell phones, and are deemed safe by the FCC.

Mass meter exchanges begin in May. For questions or project updates, please visit