Energy Savings

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Lessons in energy savings for kids

As soon as school starts and the first bell rings, life inevitably gets busier for parents. This semester, before leaving home for school and extracurricular activities, adopt fun habits to save energy and teach kids how to contribute. Study our tips to get the family started and make straight A’s on your energy bills.

Leaving home? Raise your thermostat and unplug electronics.

Between the school day and after-school activities, your family’s time at home is likely to be limited. Before heading out, raise your thermostat 3-5 degrees and ask kids to remind you to do this. Have teens unplug nonessential devices before leaving home including TVs, stereo equipment, chargers, video game consoles, and computers. If you prefer not to unplug these items, use a surge protector and switch it off to limit wasted energy.

Need a shower? Keep it short and cool.

Water heater costs can make up as much as 20% of your energy bill. Explain to kids that heating water uses energy and costs more money than cold water. Encourage cooler, shorter showers and install a low-flow showerhead. Make sure they don’t leave the water running while brushing their teeth or doing chores.

Exiting the room? Turn off lights and fans.

Teach kids to turn off lights and fans whenever they leave a room. Incentivize little ones with stickers, or start a family game where the person who remembers to turn these off earns points toward a prize! Use your electric bill to show teens and older children how these energy- saving actions help financially.

Grabbing a snack? Remember to close the fridge.

Show kids how to properly close doors to the refrigerator and the freezer. Leave sticky note reminders on the fridge or if children are too young to read, leave a drawing.

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