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PEC Board of Directors announces 5-year strategic plan

See the member-focused goals that will lead us into the future

From our inception over 82 years ago, PEC’s mission has been to provide the best service at the best price for our members. Strategic planning, reviewing our goals, and incorporating new objectives are crucial in ensuring that we continue to do so. That work has led to the recent release of PEC’s 2021-2026 strategic plan, which balances our efforts to hold true to our founding purpose with the need to address the challenges of tremendous growth and changing industry standards.

“Today’s planning will build our resiliency and allow us to support our membership for years to come,” said Board President and District 2 Director Emily Pataki in her letter to members. “We developed the accompanying strategic plan in order to safeguard PEC’s strong financial and organizational health with sound business decisions that will guide the cooperative through 2026.”

The primary goals outlined in the plan are to:

  • Maximize Value to Our Membership
  • Achieve Operational Excellence
  • Protect the Financial Health of the Cooperative
  • Pursue Workforce Optimization
  • Advance Tactical Safety and Security

Each goal is paired with key objectives that will help assure the goal is met. For example, the operational excellence goal includes objectives like establishing a system maintenance program, building additional operational control centers, and completing a detailed engineering standards guide to be used by all districts.

The plan also highlights the cooperative’s important values: integrity, safety, service, and accountability. Together, we look forward to fulfilling these values and meeting our goals to enhance the cooperative experience, benefit all PEC members, and keep the cooperative strong.