Energy Savings

Don’t let energy vampires ruin the party

Stop these sneaky monsters from invading your home

Behind each household electronic lives an energy vampire who enjoys nothing more than feeding from your devices, even when they’re turned off. From TVs and gaming consoles, to small appliances — they eat up wattage like no monster’s business. Worst of all, their ravenous appetite will drive up your energy bill. Use these tips to scare them away, one by one.

Monster-rocking zombies

Don’t let these heavy metal lovers rock out on your electric instruments. Keep amps, laptops, and other items unplugged when you’re not using them and play acoustic when you can.

Werewolf wattage

Inefficient appliances are sure to run up your electric use. Instead of howling when you get next month’s bill, consider upgrading to more efficient appliances. Look for the EnergyStar® logo to help maximize savings and monitor your energy use via PEC’s SmartHub app.

Gaming goblins

For goblin’s sake, turn off your video game console when you’re finished playing. Keeping it in “standby mode” won’t stop these creatures from draining your energy. Play it safe and power down completely to take your savings to the next level.

Phantom fan

Ghosts and goblins love to chill in empty rooms whenever you leave fans on. They can also sneak in through leaks and drafts. Keep these creatures out of your home by sealing air leaks and turning off fans whenever you exit a room.

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