At PEC, every day is Earth Day

See steps we’re taking to protect our environment

At PEC, we live, work in, and are a part of the communities we serve. It’s our responsibility to be a good neighbor as we fulfill our mission of providing low-cost, reliable electricity to our members. We believe being a good neighbor means being a good steward of our beautiful Texas Hill Country landscape and resources.

In addition to what we call our everyday stewardship, PEC operates several environmentally minded programs. In an effort to preserve our natural wildlife, we installed our first butterfly way station at PEC headquarters. The way station is certified by Monarch Watch and helps to promote monarch butterflies and other pollinators. We are also working to expand the program to other PEC sites and partners across our service territory.

In 2019, PEC started reseeding easements with food plots that not only reduce the need to mow, but also benefit animals and pollinating insects. These edible easements help keep wildlife off the roads, and the native wildflowers in the seed mix benefit important pollinators like butterflies. You can learn more in the May edition of Texas Co-op Power. Stay tuned!

Want to make sure your own planting practices allow your vegetation to thrive without interfering with electric equipment? Follow our planting guidelines to ensure PEC crews will not have to alter your plants to ensure reliable service.

Not many businesses encourage you to use less of their product, but as a nonprofit cooperative, PEC provides the information, tools, and programs our members need to help save money by conserving energy. From simple energy-saving tips to residential energy audits, we’re here to help you save.

If you want to make your own energy consumption more environmentally conscious, consider adding the Renewable Energy Rider, which ensures that energy billed to you is from a facility that relies exclusively on energy generated from renewable sources. We can also help you decide if a distributed generation system, such as home solar panels, are right for you.

These are just some of the ways we are caring for our communities and our environment, this Earth Day and every day. We encourage you to continue to do your part by conserving energy, especially with warmer temperatures ahead!