Safety & Security

How PEC is preparing for winter

Learn about PEC’s latest efforts to keep our system resilient through inclement weather

While we’ve shown you ways to prepare yourself and your family for potential winter storms, we too have been busy preparing at PEC.

Rest assured, your cooperative has been working hard, enhancing emergency plans, simulating storm response, and implementing new technology to remain as reliable and resilient as possible. Learn more about our efforts and the steps we’ve taken to be ready for any storm.

Review of storm response and action plan

The days following the February 2021 winter storm, the PEC Board of Directors engaged the services of Utilicast, a third-party consulting firm, to perform an after-action review. Utilicast worked to identify potential gaps and opportunities in PEC’s operations during the winter event. The firm shared its findings with PEC board members and executives, and an action plan was developed. Staff has been working to complete these items and has made excellent progress. Learn more and read the full report from Utilicast.

New SMS (texting) alerts

PEC now offers a one-way text alert service. We can message members during an emergency, including prolonged power interruptions and mandated rolling outages. Add your mobile phone number to SmartHub or call 888-554-4732 and verify your mobile phone number to ensure you receive these communications.

Revised emergency operations plan (EOP)

PEC’s Incident Command Team and Control Center have created new EOP protocols that strengthen communications across the cooperative to handle load shedding events and better identify individual outages. We’ve implemented new technology that allows us to simulate events, and practice these scenarios to be as prepared as possible for future events.

Improved outage map

Our updated outage map allows members to search in real-time for their address to see if their outage is registered, the status, and the estimated time of restoration if one is available. Members may report and track outages at or by calling 888-883-3379.

Robust vegetation maintenance

The majority of system outages during storms are due to falling trees and limbs. As always, we’ve been proactive in performing vegetation maintenance across our service territory. New software has made the identification of areas in need of maintenance much more efficient.

Enhanced outage management system

Key technologies in our electric system are integrated to improve PEC’s ability to predict and respond to outages, manage ERCOT-mandated load shedding events, and dispatch crews where they are needed most. PEC’s updated system provides location data and better differentiates between system and rolling outages.

More unmanned aerial vehicles

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) allow us to quickly identify the cause and location of outages, so crews can focus their time on repairs. PEC has strengthened the program this year by adding more UAVs to our fleet and providing comprehensive training to our lineworkers.

Nothing is more important to us than providing reliable electric service to our member. While some events are beyond our control, we will continue working to make potential severe weather events easier on our members.