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How will the recent winter storm affect my bill?

Rest assured, PEC rates did not change during the event

Following February’s extreme weather, many members are concerned about the effect on their electric bill. While it is true that the wholesale price of power increased exponentially during the crisis, we are proud to say PEC members will see no difference in the rates on their next bill.

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The rate for your base power (per Kilowatt hour) during this weather event did not change; this means any variations in your bill will be due to the amount of energy consumed. Keep in mind, heating your home during cold weather can cause higher than normal energy consumption. If you experienced an outage — or many — reheating a cold home is an energy-intensive process.

Securing competitive rates for our members is a point of pride at PEC. Rates are publicly available in PEC’s Tariff and Business Rules. Should there be rate changes, members will receive advance notice. Consistent with our mission, PEC aims for low-cost energy for the membership, and any rate changes will be transparent.

If your SmartHub account shows energy consumption during times when you know your power was out, don’t panic. PEC’s system retrieves information from your meter at regular intervals, and those daily readings can be seen in SmartHub under the My Usage tab. During a power interruption, those readings may not be available so the system estimates your daily usage which can produce temporary imprecise results in SmartHub.

The system we use provides daily readings in SmartHub and is separate from PEC’s billing system, and may be different than the actual usage you will see on your bill. The billing system registers only the total actual Kilowatt hour used at your meter at the end of your billing cycle, which is consistent with actual Kilowatt hour used at your meter.  PEC then bills members for actual electric use.

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