Safety & Security

Keep safe around pad-mounted transformers

High voltage electricity flows through these benign looking boxes

In neighborhoods with underground electric service, pad-mounted transformers at ground level are used to reduce high-voltage electricity for home consumption. These important pieces of equipment are most often safely housed in green metal boxes, but precautions still need to be taken.

Here are some quick tips to ensure your safety, and that of your family members and PEC lineworkers:


  • Do not let children play on or near pad-mounted transformers. If the box is damaged and showing openings, never stick anything through cracks into the transformer box.
  • If you see a transformer that is unlocked or in need of repair, contact PEC immediately at 888-554-4732 or submit a service request through SmartHub.
  • Show kids the warning sticker on the box and teach them what it means. This way, they will know the importance of the sticker wherever they see it.
  • Never paint or decorate transformers. The metal covers are assigned a specific color (usually green) so utility workers can easily identify them. Also, tampering with the box by painting it could impair the lock, the equipment itself, or cover the warning signs. For safety, the pad-mounted transformer should always be locked and the warning signs visible.
  • Underground power lines can extend in any direction from a pad-mounted transformer. Never dig without calling 800-344-8377 or visitingĀ Texas811. At no cost, their staff will come to your location and mark all underground equipment.
  • PEC lineworkers need at least 10 feet of clearance on the opening side to safely access the transformer. Allowing 5 feet of space on the other sides allows them space to maneuver away if a dangerous situation arises.

Following the planting guidelines above not only helps keep our lineworkers safe, they will also ensure your power is restored as quickly as possible during an outage.