Pandemic power couple

PEC employee and spouse serve community in essential roles

As we’ve hit a year of living with the pandemic, we remain grateful to the essential workers who continue to power our communities. These heroes, in the form of lineworkers, teachers, nurses, and so many others, have continuously provided the critical services we depend on. Because we operate critical infrastructure, all PEC employees are essential. Our crews keep our mission alive, making sure our members receive safe, reliable power. For some, serving their community runs in the family. Meet one PEC power couple giving back through the pandemic.

PEC Senior Electrical Distribution Designer Michael Kafel and wife Cheryl, RN, Baylor Scott & White – Marble Falls

Michael and Cheryl Kafel are proud to serve their Marble Falls community. As a PEC Senior Electrical Distribution Engineer, Michael has continued to meet with members throughout the pandemic, to discuss and design their electrical power needs. Without him, newly constructed homes and businesses would have no way of connecting to the electric system.

“Collaboration with these individuals to formulate a plan that satisfies their requirements and complies with PEC design criteria is at the center of what I do,” he said. “I create an electrical design for power installation at their sites and follow the project from inception to completion.”

His wife Cheryl, a nurse navigator at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Marble Falls, works with breast cancer patients — guiding them through the healthcare system, providing education and support, facilitating appointments, and connecting them to needed resources so they can focus on what they need.

“Cheryl is so passionate about her job,” he expressed. “Being a breast cancer survivor herself, she can relate to women in a personal and professional way. She feels really blessed to serve these patients during this season of their lives.”

Over the past year, the couple has strived diligently to maintain their health. Michael follows PEC protocols, wearing a face covering, social distancing, and maintaining careful hand-hygiene. Because he works out of his truck, he takes extra care to clean any work-related items before bringing them home and keeps those items separate from his personal things. The couple also keeps their laundry separate, among other health and safety measures. It’s an example of the care they take in helping their community.

“Cheryl counts it as an honor to walk beside these patients and be a source of support to them, especially during these trying times,” Michael replied.

And Michael is also grateful, and proud, to continue helping PEC members every day.

“I love serving the community in which we live and the feeling of accomplishment when a job is done to the members’ satisfaction. Receiving power and maintaining their quality of life during this time helps bring stability in the midst of change.”

On behalf of PEC to Michael, Cheryl, and all the essential workers in the communities we serve, thank you for all you do!