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PEC fee schedule changing June 1

Most members will save or be unaffected

As a nonprofit cooperative, PEC always aims to set our rates and fees at the cost of service, which keeps them competitive and equitable. Our fees have not changed in 10 years, and a recent cost of service study showed changes are necessary to ensure our fees remain cost based.

Most members rarely, if ever, encounter fees once they have established service. These are not items that appear on your monthly bill. Changes may come as a result of process changes thanks to technological improvements, changes in the cost of labor and overhead, or because a fee is no longer needed. They include things like the establishment fee for connecting new service, which is decreasing from $75 to $50, and the late payment processing fee, which is changing from $20 to 10% of the past due balance.

These updates are effective beginning June 1. See the new fee schedule below: