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PEC hosts 2021 Annual Meeting, announces voting incentive recipients

Cooperative reflects on 2020

This year, the 2021 PEC Annual Meeting was held June 18, at 9 a.m. at PEC’s headquarters in Johnson City. The meeting was open to the PEC membership with limited seating, and took place immediately before the June board meeting.

PEC Board President Emily Pataki and CEO Julie Parsley each provided a report with highlights from 2020. The board heard member comments in-person and received comments via email. Voting incentive prize recipients were also announced as listed below.

Watch a full video recording of the annual meeting when available, and view PEC’s 2020 Annual Report along with our complete financial audit package.

Early voting $500 bill credit recipients:

  • Tabatha Bortner
  • Deborah D Morin
  • Robert Crutchfield

Early voting $250 bill credit recipients:

  • June T Brunner
  • Arthur Miller
  • Gayla Myers
  • Robert Hartigan
  • Brandon Kaiser

Early voting $150 bill credit recipients:

  • Gail Robinson
  • Denise Ingledue-Lopez
  • Nora Daniels
  • Mondell P Boyd
  • Edgar A Brecher Jr.
  • Arnulfo Gutierrez
  • Emmett Brandon
  • Don Juan Garcia Abreu
  • Eric Denman
  • Lana Collier
  • Kanisha Fitts
  • James A Reddoch
  • Barbara Homer
  • Kimberly Farinella
  • Mike Gould
  • Curtis House
  • Rebecca Crider
  • Samuel Lopez
  • Michael Kaczmarek
  • Michael Doecke
  • Kenneth Nahmens
  • Michael Finke
  • Pamela Fultz
  • Moises Camacho
  • James Brisbin