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PEC launches updated outage map

New look and features

The PEC outage map is a convenient site for members to track the status of an outage and confirm that it’s been reported and is being addressed. Using the map, members can also get an estimated restoration time, if available. The map now has updates and a fresh new look.

The intuitive design makes it easier for members to see if their location is included in a registered outage. Areas experiencing a service interruption will appear on the map in a polygon shape as shown below.

Image displaying polygon area on the outage map.

Map features

Image displaying four features of the updated map

  1. Clicking an outage on the map will bring up details, including crew assignment status and an estimated time of restoration, if available.
  2. Members can manually search for their address to check the status using the “Search for Location” box in the upper left corner of the map.
  3. The summary tab includes a breakdown of active outages across the service territory by ZIP Code, PEC district, and county.
  4. The size of each outage is represented by symbols, which are explained in the legend in the top right corner of the map.

At PEC, we are always working to improve our processes and technology to better serve our members. Learn more about types of outages by reading this article.