Press Release

PEC launches free, online summer camp for kids grades K-2

Activities focus on energy and conservation habits

Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) is committed to modeling environmental stewardship and promoting conservation through its educational and community outreach programs. This summer, PEC is launching Camp Save-a-Watt, a new and exciting way for the cooperative’s youngest members to learn about energy conservation. This free, online summer camp runs June 1 through July 30, and is available for children in kindergarten through second grade.

Using age-tailored activities, campers will learn all about electricity and the best ways to save energy with Wattson Raccoon, PEC’s cabin leader and camp mascot. With the help of parents and teachers, Camp Save-a-Watt will teach students how to reduce their energy use to make a difference. These small but impactful habits can also support financial savings to families.

“Parents and teachers are eager for information and learning materials that will help enrich their kids’ summer learning experience,” said PEC Community Outreach Specialist Celeste Mikeska. “PEC put a lot of thought into developing Camp Save-a-Watt, to teach students in our service area the importance of energy conservation. We hope providing this information and incentivizing good habits at an early age will help make a positive impact on our cooperative and communities for years to come.”

Registered students will receive a free Camp Save-a-Watt T-shirt. The school with the most participation will win a grand prize of $1,000! Parents can learn more and register here.