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Potential for lingering issues from winter storm

PEC is prepared to respond to further outages should they occur

Thank you to all of our PEC members for your continued support, patience, and understanding through this historic winter storm. The events of this week created many challenges for all of us, but we are grateful to have powered through it together.

Sunshine and warmer weather has finally arrived in the Hill Country, and we’re happy to report over 99% of members now have power. We are still working to address some complicated repairs to areas that suffered extensive damage, but we are making progress and will continue until the lights are back on for all our members.

As the snow and ice continues to thaw, it could impact service in limited circumstances. The weight of ice and snow puts strain on power lines, causing them to sag and stressing poles and other equipment. Trees and limbs have also been weakened by the storm, and could potentially come down and impact power lines.

If your power flickers without going all the way out — don’t worry. Typically, this occurs because something has happened along the line that trips the breaker on a protective device in order to prevent a prolonged outage. This could potentially happen more than normal, as the weight of ice on trees has left them sagging closer to power lines than before.

Our crews continue to work around the clock to restore outages and will continue to do so until every member has stable service. If you experience an outage, please report it by calling us at 888-883-3379 or via