Safety & Security

Protect your plants and your power

Your spring planting practices make an impact

Right tree, right place

As a homeowner, you want your trees to be strong and healthy — so do we! Help protect your plants; never allow trees, bushes, or plants of any size to grow directly under electric lines. Before planting, consider the mature size of the species you’ve selected. Refer to the chart below to see how far away your tree should be planted from power lines.

Reliability and safety go hand in hand

Remember, PEC employees need to be able to work safely around electric equipment on your property too. Leave 10 feet of space in front of pad- mounted transformers, and 5 feet on all other sides. PEC trims trees for clearance around power lines on a three- to five- year rotation, and any plants 
or objects that block access to pad-mounted transformers may have to be removed by our crews.

These practices not only keep you and our crews safe — they also help us get the power back on as quickly as possible during an outage. Together, we can grow our reliability!

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