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Rate changes to Base Power Rate and TCOS effective March 1

Changes do not impact cost for most members

With a mission to provide safe, reliable power at a low cost, our goal is to ensure PEC members get the best value for their dollar. We can proudly say our rates are among the most competitive — not only in the state — but in the country!

All PEC rates are designed with the cooperative and its members in mind: fair, equitable, and based on the costs of maintaining our system and safely delivering your power. As part of our annual Cost of Service Study and budget process, PEC has identified changes to the Base Power Rate and Transmission Cost of Service (TCOS) in an effort to ensure our rates accurately recover costs and remain stable.

The Base Power Rate will decrease by $0.001/kWh. TCOS will increase by $0.001/kWh. The change is cost neutral to most members, with the exception of those on the Time-of-Use Rate plan. These changes were approved by the PEC Board of Directors at the December meeting, and take effect March 1, 2021.

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