Energy Savings

Reduce your energy use

Energy conservation tips for cold weather

As freezing temperatures continue their grip on the Texas Hill Country, energy use is increasing. Follow these tips below to conserve energy and save money.

Lower your thermostat

Pick the lowest temperature you’re comfortable with and set your thermostat — 68 degrees or lower is recommended. Once you achieve a good temperature in your home, leave it alone and let thermal storage work for you.

Turn off lights and unplug electronics

Turn off lights and unplug computers, gaming consoles, large-screen TVs, and other electronics when not in use. Electronics use energy just by being plugged in.

Reduce major appliance use

While you’re using more energy to keep your home warm, reduce the use of major appliances like washing machines, dryers, and dish washers. Make sure your water heater temperature is set to 120-125 degrees for additional savings.

Dress for warmth

Layer on clothing and bundle up with blankets. This may allow you to set the thermostat lower while staying comfortable.

Monitor your use

Worried about what keeping warm is costing you? Monitor your energy use on SmartHub. You can analyze your daily use and know the costs before your bill arrives.

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