Safety & Security

Ring in the new year safely

Celebrate responsibly when using balloons or fireworks

When it’s time to ring in the new year, we all want to make it a special night. But did you know some of the ways we celebrate can cause safety hazards with the potential to impact your power? Follow these tips to help stay safe.


Fireworks should always be used with caution and never set off near power lines. The safest way to experience fireworks is by enjoying a local, professional show. If you are going to use consumer fireworks, it is very important that you use them exclusively in open areas, where no power lines can be seen, and only in places allowed by local ordinances.

Mylar balloons

Mylar balloons contain foil, which is a very good conductor of electricity. When helium-filled balloons are released outside, it is common for them to become tangled in power lines and cause large-scale outages.

“Balloons that cause outages are difficult to find,” PEC Control Center Operations Manager Zachary DeLeon said. “These types of outages are hard for our crews to locate and restore because in a large-scale outage, we have a lot of area to cover — some of it in areas that are difficult to access.”

Tangled mylar balloons can cause fires and even explosion. Stay safe with these simple tips:

  • Never release metallic balloons outdoors
  • Ensure your balloons stay tied to a weight
  • Never try to retrieve balloons tangled in power lines or electrical equipment
  • Always puncture balloons before disposing of them

If fireworks or balloons become tangled in power lines, call PEC immediately at 888-883-3379. If there is a fire or danger, call 911.

Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy 2022!